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That Lakeside Summer

There are two ways to read the Hart Valley Prequel

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In a small town, there are no secrets... or are there?

Lou Moran: The day after graduation, my mother and the town mayor went missing. And coincidentally, so did a chunk of town money. There’s no way my mom’s mixed up in that. Not only is my future at stake, but the entire town may go under. It’s up to those of us left behind to find my mom and save the town. But I’m not qualified to save myself, let alone a town. Joni: You know what they say about hindsight. Yeah, I should have told Lou that I was leaving for college. But I didn’t. Now, how do I tell him now? I’m abandoning my boyfriend and hometown at the worst possible time. How can we save Hart Valley when we’re just teenagers?

Two ways to get your hands on That Lakeside Summer- it's now available for free when you join my mailing list or for .99 on Amazon.

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